Best Tent Brands Reviews & Buying Guide [June 2020]

Are you searching for the best tent brands Indeed tents are the necessary part of camping, and to keep fresh in the tough routine, camping is the best option? Wondering in nature, under the blue sky, and staring at the luminescent stars for a long time keeps your mind healthy.

best tent brands


Listening to the birds chirping, with high-frequency winds and freezing temperatures is surely a dream of every person to get rid of a frustrating routine life.

For the best camping purpose, tent plays an important role, but deciding the best tents for you and your kids is a difficult task to choose. Tents are selected on the basis of their weight, construction, value, size, and quality. Basically, the tent choice is based on the nature of the place you are traveling for.


Best Tent Brands

    1. Coleman
      “Super Breathable in a Highly Humid Atmosphere “
    2. Mountain Safety Research
      “Easy to Put and Light Weight”
    3. Black Diamond
      “keeps you Dry in muddy rainy Season”
    4. Hilleberg
      “The Ventilation in the Tent is Easy and Spacious”
    5. Big Agnes
      “Stood up to some Torrential Rain”

While discussing the best tent brands, we must keep in mind the qualities that make them best. Preferably, the comfort level of a product is a key feature that defines how much it worth in your lives. Thus, we have compiled the list of the best brands in our knowledge that people have loved and choose for their trips most often. The tents enlisted here are good for a family tour, long-distance backpacking trip and for climbing adventure. You will surely praise the quality and will find a product that fits your pocket.



Starting off our list with Coleman, that has played a vital role in the industry of tents. Coleman is recognized for its best services from many decades. You will find their products, everywhere you look. The owner of the company, William Coffin Coleman, started his career with humble behavior. He was a simple lamp seller in a drugstore window and sold typewriters for years with hard efforts in Brockton, Alabama. Coleman was able to read small writings, on the medicine bottles and on books, he saw potential in a new light thus gave rise to a new company, that was beneficial for America’s farms and ranches. This increased his interest in outdoor fun, eventually in a tenting brand.

Customer’s Reviews

The valued customers of Coleman gave satisfactory reviews about its products. According to a buyer, the tents available are simply best to use, as they remain unaffected by inches of heavy rain and super breathable in a highly humid atmosphere. Also, they are super easy to set and to take it with you as they occupy less space and easily role able. Tents of Coleman are a good choice at affordable prices and comes with a carry bag and door mat.

Another user of other tent narrated that the tent has large screen panels on the ceiling that gives an amazing view when the rain fly is not on. There are an additional window and screen for airflow and extra viewing on the door. It takes a maximum of 15 minutes to set up the tent even without the user manual. The interior gear pockets are good enough to carry your cell phones and other accessories.

Top Tents of Coleman

All tents from Coleman are best at their places, but we have picked the top tents for you here.

1.Coleman Dome Tent – Best Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Dome Tent

Coleman Dome Tent comes with a sturdy frame that can withstand high-speed winds up to 35+ mph. The tent is good for backpacking, takes less space and easy to set up in a few minutes. It will not take much effort to set up a tent.

Dome tent is a good choice to take it with you at rainy places as its WeatherTec system with patented welded floors keeps you dry in rainy seasons. You can also make choice in this tent according to the persons going to the trip. It is available for 2, 4 and 6 persons. The large windows and a ground vent for superior ventilation is great option of the tent. The two persons tent measure 7 x 5 feet and four feet central height. It weighs 7.17 lbs. that is easy to carry on trips.

  • E-port makes easy to bring electrical power inside the tent
  • Durable fabric
  • Easy to set
  • Light to carry
  • Insta-clip suspension
  • Waterproof
  • Extra weather protection

  • Does not come with footprints


2.Coleman Montana – Easy Setup for Outdoors

Coleman Montana

Coleman Montana is great choice if you are looking tent for the whole family outing. The tent is imported, made with durable and reliable material that goes with you for a long time. It is spacious enough to that 6 persons can easily accommodate in it and 2 queen-sized air beds can be laid.

It takes 15 minutes of maximum to set up the tent and easy to carry as it includes a transportation bag with it. The extended door canopy keeps the gear and shoes dry at the front of the tent. WeatherTec system keeps the tent dry and water out of the tent. Mesh roof helps in air crossing and reduces humidity. It comes with a convenient flashlight holder on the ceiling. The tent is fire retardant and cozy in nature.

  • Plenty of rooms inside best tent for couples
  • Accommodates reo air mattresses
  • Waterproof
  • Quite easy to set
  • E-ports available for air coolers and air conditioners
  • Easy to assemble, with a bag pack

  • Need user manual to set up

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Mountain Safety Research

Mountain Safety Research

The founder of MSR, Larry Penberthy was an engineer professionally who was dedicated to do mountain research. The company started with a newsletter in 1969 that was determined to improve mountain safety. He spent eighteen months in testing stove fuels, holding power of pitons, strength of ice, elongation of ropes and the neglected issues. After the passing time, Larry realized that he alone cannot make the challenges, so he needed a group and continued his research. Later on, he started introducing high quality mountaineering equipments, including tents.

Customer’s reviews about their products

Customers gave unbelievable reviews about the tents of the company and recommended the tents for long tours as they are easy to carry and ultralight. According to a buyer the tent are easy to put, as it takes almost 2.5 minutes and 5 minutes to roll it back. The tents are water and wind resistant, with awesome ventilation and have good separation. The best thing to note about the tent is that the poles are straight at the beginning but after sometime, poles will slightly bent, this is normal and verified by MSR. The tents are replaceable if there is a significant issue in the product.

Another buyer said about the tent, “This is by far my best gear purchase to date and to be honest my favorite piece of camping equipment.” The tents of MSR are light in weight with no weight on your pocket as well. They are very compact and comes with a compression bag that is a great addition to their product. The tents are quite spacious and the ventilation is awesome even it eliminates the condensation.

Top Picks of MSR

We have picked the top tents of the company, mostly likes and reviewed by the buyers.

1.MSR Hubba Hubba NX-2 – Lightweight Backpacking Tent

MSR Hubba Hubba NX-2

Best tent of MSR, Hubba Hubba NX 2 is the best choice for persons that can afford handsome amount of money. This tent is the best option to spend money that includes DuraShield Coating and DAC Featherline. The accessories of the tents include hub and pole system, stakes, guy lines, rainfly and footprints sold separately.

The best thing is 3 years warranty of the tent that makes the user satisfied. NX 2 can accommodate 2 to 3 persons easily with a lightweight freestanding design. The complete set up weighs nearly 3.5 lbs. To love the tent it is quite enough that it comes with compression bag that makes your packing and unpacking quite easy and to carry the tent comfortably.

  • Comes with compression bag
  • Easy to carry
  • Effortless set up
  • Awesome ventilation
  • Durable and reliable
  • 3 years warranty

  • Little bit expensive


2.MSR Elixir 3P Tent – Backpacking Tent with Footprint

MSR Elixir 3P Tent

The mountains are calling you and so MSR Elixir is the best choice to take with you this time. It is quite spacious and comfortably livable. You can easily accommodate 3 air pads, side by side very easily in the tent. The external Guy out loops keeps the tent intact in heavy winds and storms so you remain safe inside.

The rainfly extensions can be opened for good ventilation but a single drop of rain cannot pass.  The reflective material at guy points aid to view the tent in night and low lights. Although there is no huge difference in the models of 2018 and new version, but still the later one is more cozy with a dark zipper and red colored doors that are nice touch.

  • Keeps inside cool in hot days
  • Simple set up
  • Light weight
  • Water proof
  • Spacious
  • Compatible with heavy winds

  • No as such


Black Diamond

Black Diamond

Black diamond is not only the best tent brands but also an inspiration and motivation to move on if we look back in their history. The company, which is now globally recognized, was started with a backyard hammer and anvil. Now, the offices of a black diamond are spread in three continents. Since 1957, the company is providing its services for rock climbers and skiers. Black diamond has now set a new tradition in gear designs, with their constant dedication.

The best thing about the company is that each of the members of the company is a climber and skier himself so that he can easily understand the need and desires of the climbers. It is the result of the diligence and dedication of the team that now they have set a standard in numerous areas. It is the hardship and constant struggle of the company, that the revolution and creation of Black Diamond will never end.

Customer’s Reviews about their products

People gave positive reviews on Amazon about the products of the company. Most often customers visit the stores again to buy the next product as every product is quite reliable and goes with you for long times. According to the buyers, the tent is easy to adjust and rolling back takes only 5 minutes. It is super reliable and meets all the needs, as senior citizen our focus is lightening our load to allow us continue hiking. The tent keeps the mosquitoes at bay and keeps you dry in muddy rainy season.

Another buyer of the tent commented that the tents are great in use. We camped in the night in about three feet snow, with fast wind at 15 degrees F, and remained safe inside. The tent is easy to set up even you can set the tent in the standing position in just 5 minutes. Easy to vent with two vents in the roof and a high and low option on the door. The tent is mostly like due its simple and attracting design.

Top Choices from Black Diamond

Black Diamond Tents are known worldwide for their features and quality. We have picked up the top choice for you from Amazon.

1.Black Diamond Eldorado Tent – Best Anti-freezing

Black Diamond Eldorado Tent

Black Diamond Eldorado tent is classic compact tent, yellow in color and comes with extra space. The tent is large enough to accommodate taller climbers or extra gear storage. The mountaineering tent is good option for two persons with good ventilation system and ToddTex single-wall fabric.

This is spacious version of I-Tent, 13 cm linger and 8 cm wider single door entry. It comes with two additional vestibule for extra gear storage and aluminum poles for easy set up. The average packed weight of the tent is 5 lbs. that is almost negligible and easy to carry. The tent is waterproof with a bright yellow top and black floor that keeps the internal environment chill and calm. This is the best option for two persons on the list.

  • Light weight
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-freezing
  • Easy to vent
  • Simple in structure
  • Easy to carry at far places

  • No E-port available


2.Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent – Easy to set up

Black Diamond Fitzroy Tent

The decent features of black diamond Fitzroy tent includes the 4 pole, steep sided design, for 2 persons and the optional doors. The vestibule double doors with internal mesh panels keep the tent bugs free so that you can easily spend your tiresome nights.

If you are planning to go mountains this summer with your wife, this might be the best suggestion for you. Best in a way that the design is unbeatable and the facilities of the tent will let gather lovely memories together. The packed weight of the tent is 10.27 pounds when shipped from Amazon. Dimensions of the product are 21 x 9 x 9 inches. According a customer review, they own this tent from past 10 years and found it flawless until now. They feel warm and cozy inside the tent even in the cold weathers outside.

  • Single layer fabric
  • Easy to set up
  • Design keeps inside sunny and cheerful
  • Bombproof
  • Dry and water proof
  • Can withstand with high winds

  • The fabric of the tent can tear or leak
  • Stitching issues

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Hilleberg is a Swedish company, the tent makers. In 1971, the founder of the company, BO Hilleberg laid down the foundations of the tent company after his name. He was a forester professionally and in 1971, while on a survey, he met Renate Neuner. After couple of years, both of them fell in love and decided to marry. Before her, the company was merely a forestry equipments concern. BO was frustrated with the pitching of inner and outer tents that required manual stitching and covering them with loose rain fly at the end.

BO was interested to make the tents but he did not have enough sewing skills to do so. Renate took the charge and started stitching the tents while BO handled the sales and design. With the efforts of day and night, the company flourished. Now, the company is under the whole family and linked them intricately. Each member of the family is providing services to the company.

Customer’s Reviews on their products

Customers that are using the products of Hilleberg are very happy with their services and quality. According to a customer review, the tents of the company are really reliable and cozy. The color combination of the tents are unmatchable and cool for summer themes. During a significant rain, the tent remained dry and warm. The design is solid and purposeful, that lasts for years and looks moderns according to the going era. Tents are useful whole years regardless of the season. No need to seam seal as it is already done by the virtue of manufacturing technique. My competitors have upgraded, retired and updated the designs of the tents but my tent design looks like the current ones in the market. It took maximum of four minutes to set up the tent at the first time, and the next time, it took less than 3 minutes.

Another customer rated the tent five stars and shared his opinion about the tents. He said that he found Hilleberg after destroying his first two tents one of which destroyed due to hill storm, and the other one was unreliable in its quality. He picked up Hilleberg and found it the strongest tent ever in his life. The ventilation in the tent is easy and spacious. The extra space in the tent amazed the buyer and he recommended the products of Hilleberg to the people on camping this year.

Top Picks of Hilleberg

Nearly, all products of Hilleberg are worth using but we have picked the best products for you from expert reviews and buyer’s recommendations.

1.Hilleberg Tarra 2 Camping Tent – Best Waterproof

Hilleberg Tarra 2 Camping Tent

Hilleberg Tarra is made of reliable fabric that is Kerlon 1800 with poles of 10 mm that provides great strength and stability to the tent. The shipping weight of the tent is 8.3 pounds while the backpack weight is 9 lbs. The tent is good for all season construction and the multiple crossing points provide uncreditable snow holding capacity.

This tent can be ideally used for two persons with enough space for gears. The inner and outer tent are separable for simultaneous pitching. It is beatable with harsh environments and in heavy snow locations. This is made with heavy-duty zippers and the strongest pegs. The inner tent is most durable. If you are really, in search of strong tent that will go with you till your old age.

  • Single person can set the tent easily
  • Highly water proof
  • Dry in wet seasons
  • Unbeatable design
  • Strong poles
  • Separable inner and outer tent
  • Durable fabric
  • Snow-load holding capacity
  • Self-supporting dome design
  • No pegs required for pitching

  • No as such

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2.Hilleberg Akto 1 – Best for Weather Protection

Hilleberg Akto 1

Likewise, Hilleberg Tarra, the tent fabric is Kerlon 1200 but the poles are 9 mm, that makes is more stable and super light in weight. The tent is easy to hold and carry, additionally the tent is environment friendly. You can use the tent in every season, as the ground of the tent is awesome for all weather protection. Shipping weight of the tent is 4.2 pounds.

Most of the experienced hiker prefer this tent not for its lighter weight but due to the weather protection technology. Akto can withstand with heavy storms and easy to carry, therefore more reliable to take it with you. The mesh areas are quite adjustable so that you can extend it all the way to the ground. The tunnel construction makes the hiking trips easier without any efforts. The space to weight ratio offers maximum space that accommodated one person easily. The additional features are fiberglass rods, zipper flaps, features guy lines and integrated door.

  • Feather weighted
  • Fiberglass rods
  • Weather protection technology
  • 4 season usefulness
  • Durable
  • Long lasting fabric and design
  • Tear Strength

  • No as such


Big Agnes

Big Agnes

Gamber, the founder of the company started his company in 2000, he was inspired from the sleepless nights in dirt. They started their tents production in 2003. The main idea behind the foundation of the company was merely a better sleep. After three years of establishment, the company gained fame and won the first award, Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award for its Insulated Air Core. This worked as an inspiration to do more and thus they started working to solve the mountaineering problems later on.

The outdoor company, Big Agnes was serving to the campers with its motto stated as “life is too short to use bad camping gear.” Thus, the company is providing the best camping gear for their valued customers. The company is committed to sustainability, and they believe that innovation comes from the real-world product testing.

Customer’s reviews about their tents

One of the customer said about the tent that the material they use for tents is super thin, most probably to minimize the weight. There is extra room in 2 persons tent so that you can stay relaxed inside. The one line customer review about the tent is “Excellent tent. Surprisingly roomy. Used it for a 2 week section of the GR10. Stood up to some torrential rain. Very happy with this purchase.”

Another buyer said about the tent is with a little practice before; I was able to set up the tent solo in just 10 to 12 minutes working slowly. The tent is roomy inside and owns a separate room at the back with a back door as well. There are numbers of mesh pockets, to stow small things. Even I tested the tent in heavy rain, not only the tent remained dry but also, remained intact, the rain fly set provided great stability to the tent. The tent is 3-season useful, but it can also be used in winters as well.

Top Picks for your Advice

Although all the products of the company are amazing in use and highly durable, we have picked the top rated products for you.

1.Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Backpacking Tent – Good Cotton Stuff

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL Backpacking Tent

Copper Spur tent comes with four option and two color schemes, 4 options includes 4 sizes, 1 to 4 person tents in orange/grey and olive green color. The fabric of the tent is cotton. The tent is awarded for its comfort and the best-selling features. Copper Spur tent comes with high volume pole that provides greater stability and the steeper walls creates an extra room inside. The poles maintains the strength and provides lightweight packability.

Talking about the tent’s design, it is quite modern with dual doors, the zippers are super reliable and smooth closure. The entry in the tent is easy and doors at both sides makes the tent more attracting. The dual vestibules together provides an area of 18 square feet, all taped with waterproof material. Agnes products are all guaranteed against material and production defaults, they will replace the product or if the product is not available, the original price will be handed back. To extend the life of your tent, we recommend you to use tent footprints that are sold separately but they are good for your tent’s life.

  • Cotton Stuff
  • Ultralightweight
  • Comes with Material and Manufacturing Warranty
  • Replaceable if any production defect
  • Waterproof
  • Back door available
  • Can be used four seasons

  • Rain Fly Zipper failed


2.Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL Ultralight Backpacking Tent Great Build Quality

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL Ultralight Backpacking Tent

If you are searching a tent with award winning design, Fly Creek is the best option for you. The tent is known for its ultralight comfort, with high volume architecture that increases its usable space inside. The spacious tent does not compromise in quality and design. Weight of the tent is only 1 to 2 lbs. during backpacked.

All the products ae highly water proof and super light in weight. The tent covers 8 square feet vestibule are and can be used in all seasons. The fabric of the tent is super thin that reduces its weight. A buyer commented that the tent is less in light even from book he bought the same day.

  • Negligible weight
  • Evergreen design
  • Super reliable
  • Durable
  • Highly waterproof
  • Comes with 11 superlight aluminum J stacks
  • High Tensile strength
  • Attractive colors

  • No footprint added with tent


 Buying Guide 

Getting the tent for your family tour? Or planned camping with friends this week. You are at the right place to see which tent will work best for you. Look for the following features while buying the tents.

Check if it is Convertible

These type of tent is mainly designed for the campers who love camping in all types of conditions either weather conditions or different landmarks. It is a hybrid design having vestibules, features poles and rainfly with additional options. The wall often has the mesh windows made from solid nylon. This allows you to zipped it up in winter hits to avoid the high-pressure air. These are however heavy in weight than other tents but contain too many options in it. The convertible designs are helpful in backpacking and consume less space in your language.

Favorable for Three-Season Use

Most of the buyer is mostly aimed to get tents for dry and cozy weather. You can also use it from spring to fall season. These tents are resistant against the string winds and withstand the climatic fluctuations. Walls of these tents are made from the combination of ventilation and mesh, which keeps balance in protection and aeration. Most of the tents are made from fabric, which is favorable for three-season use without any wear and tear.

Must have summer screen

For the added ventilation and the bug protection, the screens designed for the maximum facilities. The summer screens have strong skeletal systems and the full protection from the rain with the rainfly on top. It also handles the moderate breezes and heavy thunderstorms in summer. The summer air can flow freely over the mesh and screen to make the tent more breathable and aerated.

Includes External trap

The external traps will, however, decrease the weight of the tent holders but it has enhanced protection against the ticks, bugs and insects. It is made of polyester or nylon depending on the fabric of your tent. Hold these traps, you must have expert skills in knot-tying, which can be rigged to trees, boulders and roots. There are many other hidden benefits of the external traps. These types of shelters do not have the floor and walls. Therefore it is not super-protected from the bugs but you will see the remarkable water-resistant property of the tent.

Good for Mountaineering in winter or not

The fabric of the tent matters a lot in weather conditions. The tough textile with the sturdy poles manufacturing, having the plentiful guy lines for added stability. These types of tents are able to stand with the very harsh weather conditions to face the high-speed winds and high-intensity sunlight. Their boulder-like shapes are helpful in shedding the wind and make it stand straight in the thunderstorms. Moreover, it has a large vestibule for gear storage and added packing for keeping your accessories.

 Top 5 Best Tent Brands 

best tent brands info graphic
Best Tent Brands

General FAQs

The best tent costs nearly $400 to $600, on average of $500, but it comes without footprint, which you have to but separately.

If you are spending a lot of money for a good tent, I will suggest you to add a few more to that as the footprint will increase your tents life. Although they are not necessary but still they play a great role in a tent’s better life.

Coleman tents are usually preferred for family tours. Because these tents are specialized for 6 to 8 persons. The Coleman Steel Creek 6 person tent is a good option for a family camping.

As you are going to spend a handsome amount of money, do not go to buy a tent without researching on the best tent brand and their best products that meet your all requirements. While choosing the tent, look the fabric according to the you are going, a tent with adequate guy line. Good sized with stake loops and easy to carry and set. The tent walls should be water repellant so that you can stay dry inside during rainy weather.

Searching for the best water resistant tent is a difficult task indeed! The best waterproof tent in the list is Coleman Sundome 9 and MSR Mutha Hubba NX waterproof tents.

The tents with great stability are generally preferred for areas with high-speed winds. The best option for you is MSR Hubba Hubba NX, Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL tent and Black Diamond Fitzroy tent.

If you are planning long tours, you must choose the tent with negligible weight so that you can carry it with you easily at heights as well. The tent from Big Agnes weighs merely 1 to 2 lbs. this might be the best option for you in a case.

Final Verdict
We have enlisted the best tent brands that you will love to use. But on a serious note, if I am asked to buy a tent out of these I will go for last one on our list, “Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL Ultralight Backpacking Tent.” This is the best in my opinion for two persons but still you have the will to make your own choice. Don’t forget to share your reviews about your favorite tent with us. Happy Camping!