SEO Content Writing and Professional Article Services

With the addition of Penguin and the release of Penguin 2.0, writing SEO content has become increasingly important. Professional article services can help you deliver quality content on every page of your website, not just your homepage.

Google Penguin seems to have fixed bad linking strategies and bad website homepage content. While only a few Google employees know exactly what the Penguin update is for, there are some pointers. Together, Panda and Penguin penalize web pages with links to other pages that have nothing to do with the subject matter of your page and whose sole purpose is to provide backlinks.

Panda has severely punished the content farm, but Penguin appears to have been punishing web pages with bad content. The recently released Penguin 2.0 update seems to cover deeper pages on your website. Spam links also seem to be developing and using the keywords they want to rank for to solve these problems.

Writing SEO content and keyword density

Excellent SEO content can help you avoid keyword spam by using reasonable keyword density (KD). KD is the percentage of keywords relative to the word count of the content or article. Many people still insist on using the method with a KD greater than or equal to 3% – this is suicidal now, as Penguin and Penguin 2.0 will be using too many keywords to reduce the page rank.

A keyword density of around 1% should be fine because considering even 2% means that for keywords like ‘writing SEO content’ 48 words in an 800-word article make up a keyword (Or phrases – they are the same (percentage of Google.) Please bring it to 3% and consist of 72 words for keywords. Google thinks this is too much. You can use maybe 2% of the keywords of one word but compete. It will be very intense.

By using professional article services, you can ensure that these problems can be avoided. Limit the keyword density of long-tail keywords to 2% or less, and you can’t go wrong. The KD of the keyword “SEO content writing” in this article is 0.92%, and the KD of “content writing” is 1.15%.

Standards for writing content

The article directory does not enhance the fun of spelling and grammar. They do this because Google has a negative attitude towards poor writing quality. Catalogues with poorly written content can be considered “content farms” and are attacked by pandas – pandas are referred to by many as “farming algorithms”.

Poorly written articles and poor SEO standards for content writing are also likely to be removed from the “additional results” in the Google listing. These are the results at the end of all listed lists, and these results provide the same information as the rankings page. Unless you click to view them, they are not good enough to list.

In the past, your writing standards weren’t important; you can fill the page with keywords and ensure a high ranking. These days passed. When webpages designed specifically for AdSense were written with a lot of keyword spam and a small amount of other content, Google started cleaning up.

People make money by selling products. When the Google AdSense team quit this job, they lost their income overnight. Google does the same with regular web content.

Google cleans up bad websites.

Google is taking steps to provide a better search experience for customers. Google customers refer to inform search engines that use the Google search engine (i.e. Google), not advertising channels. Google removes inappropriate content from the list and ensures that all links on other pages come from sites with specific permissions.

If not, you suffer. Google will not remove these links or even tell you where they come from. You must identify yourself. However, if you are already registered in Google Webmaster Tools, you will get a list of backlinks. It also provides you with a link rejection tool that can help you remove the impact of such links.

There is no way to remove toxic links to a single page on your website, which could remove the entire domain from the Google list. This means that every page on your website is invisible to Google users. This is important!

Professional article service and writing quality

But back to SEO content writing, the quality of web content is essential. Wrong grammar or vocabulary use can hurt you now. Better article directories will reject poorly written articles. All over the internet, people and search engine robots hope to achieve higher standards for web content, and this is where professional article services can help.

While they can provide you with professional SEO content, there’s no reason why you can’t learn how to do it yourself. There are many websites online that can help you write your own web content. The problem with the updated Google algorithm is that you have to do it correctly.

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