SEO Content Writing Guide

Writing SEO content requires a lot of dedication and talent. To get the results you want, the content you create must engage readers and be search engine friendly as well. To generate such content, you should consider the following techniques:

Don’t write for machines.

Although it may sound silly, search engines care more about user and searcher satisfaction; therefore, if you write content for computers, your content may not rank highly. To be safe, make sure the content is exciting and attracts repeat readers.

This means that the content must be readable and have a low bounce rate. When you produce quality content, you have more suggestions, more social media sharing, and even backlinks, so your content ranks high.

Say no to keyword stuffing.

A while ago, people could rank higher by filling in text with garbled keywords, but this is no longer true. The search engine algorithm has now been changed, and keyword entry no longer works.

Filling the page with keywords will make your content unreadable, increasing your bounce rate. When the bounce rate is high, your page will lose weight in the eyes of Google, and therefore its rank will drop.

Of course, to be safe, you should write and make sure your content contains as much information as possible. You can add one or two keywords to your content, but don’t overdo it.

Add internal links

It is important to include internal links in the content when publishing. If you want to know what an internal link is, you can use this technique to point to other pages on the site.

Links serve two purposes: they encourage users to read your website thoroughly, and they play a massive role in improving your ranking.

Use call-to-action (CTA)

Since your content is intended to be read by people, you should include a call to action asking people to buy the product or service you are talking about in the content.

If you don’t sell products or services, ask people to leave their comments at the bottom of the page. When you add a call to action, you show that you value your readers and they need to take action.

These are tips to keep in mind when writing SEO content. If you are having trouble writing content, you should strongly consider hiring professional services to assist you.

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