Types of Content Writing Jobs

As a freelance writer, it’s important to understand the different types of content writing jobs that exist out there. Using the right terminology can help you find the job you need, but using the wrong word can take the same work speed. Taking the time to thoroughly understand these jobs will help you make or provide recommendations for the jobs you need.

Before listing the types of content writing assignments I see most often, it is important to note that the definitions I use are not universally accepted. Some people use the term “item” to describe almost anything they buy. However, others will use the term “article” as a specific type of content. It may be difficult to make the right recommendations, but I’ll provide some specific tips at the end of this article. In this type of content list, I’ll add some quick tips to learn how to win bids for any work.

Different types of content writing tasks

– Article writing –

Most of the time, this is a fairly common term used by many clients. Some people use it extensively for almost any type of writing, while others only use it for actual articles published on their websites. Please don’t use it on potential customers unless there are potential customers.


Writing articles for other people’s blogs is common, usually as a ghostwriter. As you would expect, the content they want fits their blog when people say they hire people for blog posts. If possible, visit their blog before you bid to see what they want, and then try to reflect this style in your bid. If their blog is ridiculous, try to fool your suggestions. If it’s academic, take a more serious attitude.

– Sales Copy –

Sales Copy is used to convince readers to take action. A high-quality sales copy can be worth as much as $ 1 or more per word, so you should consider it when bidding. Think of your proposal as a small sales copy to show customers what you can do.


Newsletters are usually sent to the email subscriber list to provide news and information to readers. A typical newsletter will contain 750-1500 words and contain some specific current information on the topic. When bidding, please include some current resources you can use to write a newsletter, or, if you can’t find them, ask the customer to suggest some. This shows that you know what they are looking for and increases your chances of getting hired.

-Press Releases-

Customers use press releases to post important events, products or other current items on news sites. When completed correctly, these notifications can post customer announcements in hundreds of locations around the Internet. It can also bring up many excellent backlinks very quickly. When applying for a job opening for a press release, ask specific questions about the information you are writing. If you are not sure what to ask, think about the “who, what, when, where, why” question.

-Technical Writing –

Technical writing is very similar to articles or web content, but it involves specific topics and requires accurate information. Some examples of technical writing could be medical writing, IT writing (obviously), dental writing, technical topics, etc. When applying for these jobs, please provide a list of any specific experiences you have had in the area. Please also include any certificates you have with you, even if they are only loosely related. If you can find some industry terms, this can help too, but only if you use them correctly.

– Web Content –

Like article writing, this is a job of writing content, which can have different meanings for each client. It will, of course, publish content on the Internet, but the scope is vast. First, ask some main questions when bidding. Before giving a specific price, understand their needs exactly so that customers feel a bit dissatisfied.

These are my most common types of writing, although there are more. If you would like to know more about a specific type of writing assignment, let me know, and I will do some research and experimentation to add an important point to this list.

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