Find New SEO Writing Clients Online – Three Proven Methods

SEO writing is a very competitive market. With thousands of websites per hour (actually appearing on the internet every hour), you can be sure that thousands of people are looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) every minute. This is good for business.

Unfortunately, you are not alone in understanding this lucrative field. You have competition – and a lot. You literally wander the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčother aspiring writers in need of high-paying clients, but no ships are around.

Let’s face the facts. Customers will not find you at sea. Their ship sailed out to the wider ocean. I hope you have a life jacket because you have to swim a lot.

So, where can I find customers? Well, there is a quick method and a slow method.

You may have seen SEO writers selling their articles for no less than $ 1. Search engine optimization (SEO) writers are looking for $ 1 clients, who are all over the web, often because they think their content isn’t enough. In fact, some customers believe that SEO writing should be as cheap as a McDonald’s meal.

Go ahead: selling your content costs a lot of money. You refresh your customers. Your income will also be lower than the minimum wage.

That is a fast method and an extremely inefficient way to make money.

Now let’s talk about the slow way.

Slow (but very interesting) way to find new SEO clients online

Now most SEO writers don’t want to spend too much time looking for new clients. Many of them rely on writing alone to support their families – I know I do. It may take time to find higher income customers, so we will of course lower the rate to get a stable income.

But you don’t have to. You can find high-paying SEO clients in a variety of ways, without having to spend months searching for numerous potentially profitable contacts. Here are my recommendations for finding new SEO clients, these recommendations will make you pay for your own value – and then some:

1. Sign a contract with Elance. After creating your profile, look for potential vacancies in the “writing and translating” area. Compared to other written bidding sites like GetaFreelancer (GAF), there are many more well-paid writing jobs here. If you are targeting a niche market (such as health or internet marketing) you can also use the search box to narrow your search.

Visit every day. They release new SEO writing leaders almost every day, which eases the process of finding clients the old-fashioned way.

3. Complete the request for “constant content”. Customers here are notorious for paying the highest fees for quality SEO content – this is something you should take advantage of. SEO clients are posting new requests almost every day, so hurry up. If you like their articles, they can even sign you for a long-term job.

Okay, maybe it took me some time – this isn’t necessarily the slowest way to find SEO clients. In fact, it is very fast. You don’t have to worry about customers paying US dollars for your content here. Follow these strategies, show them your best work, and then repeatedly increase your customer base, increasing your income by 25% or even 50%.

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