SEO Writing – Advice For New Web Writers on How to Ask For More Money

If you are just starting out as an SEO writer, you could underestimate the cost of one or two projects. Not because your rate is low, but because the parameters of the project may have changed and you didn’t ask the client to raise money but decided to bite the bullet and work at the agreed rate.

This could be a mistake for two reasons: (i) it devalues ​​the value you add as a professional SEO writer; (ii) sending wrong messages to customers. If you plan to participate in the SEO writing game for a long time, here’s how you can ask for more money and get money when the parameters of the project change.

Start and end SEO ad copywriters through effective communication to make more money

Most disagreements of any kind can be traced back to a lack of communication. Since SEO writing has many components, it is necessary to communicate with clients why more costs are required.

Let’s take a case study as an example.

A new SEO writer specializing in providing search engine optimized content for brokers received a project from a major web development company. The first order was 10 SEO blog posts (250-300 words).

Her initial rate was $ 35 per item, but because the company ordered 10 items, she gave the company a discount. That’s why she charges $ 29 for each post.

She immediately regretted the decision to receive the project, as each position required some research in the field she was writing. She didn’t immediately return to the client and notify them as every position requires research so the rate will be higher, she just bit the bullet and completed the project.

Clients are very satisfied with her SEO articles, even commenting on the “region-specific” details they would like to include in each post. The client immediately ordered her to write 50-100 blog posts per month – they asked for an additional discount ($ 20 per post) because they gave her so much space.

How an SEO Writer Asked for More Money and Got It

She knew she couldn’t spend a lot of time on so many blog posts without charging more money for each post because she would be working for pennies.

So she tells her clients that her SEO writing speed is down to “easy, easy” content that doesn’t require research. She then explained the research time she spent on the initial order, and the reason she stopped charging for these positions was because she wanted to meet the original contract terms.

However, she tells her customers that due to the number of orders and research required for each post, she will have to charge more if they want to provide the amount of detailed information, even if the order is large.

The client agreed, saying she was impressed with her professionalism as an SEO writer and businessman.

SEO writing: load or stop the game

This SEO writer is successful because she: (i) communicated with the client in advance about what the project needs; (ii) has proven her skills as an SEO ad writer; (iii) had the courage to ask her It’s worth it.

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