SEO Writing – Quick Tips for Newbies

I am writing this article for those who are considered newbies to SEO writing. You know, I used to be in your shoes. At the time, I was very curious about in-depth information on how to do the process correctly. The good news is that some people like to help me learn the whole process. This is now the payback period. Let me share with you what I learned in 5 years of writing SEO articles. These are the following:

Collaborate with SEO experts. One of the most important things I learned is that the requirements of major search engines (especially Google) are subject to change at any time and they will not make any announcements about these changes. Keeping open communication with other SEO experts will really help. Visit them regularly on SEO blogs and forums. Here they usually share what they have tried and the methods that are effective in improving the page rank. I am sure you will benefit from knowing their knowledge.

Discover new topics. Neither search engines nor online users care about old themes. In any case, why should they waste time on things they already know? If you want to get their attention, it’s best to give them something new. I suggest you research new topics related to the niche. If you are the first and only book on these specific topics, it will certainly be better as it will surely lead to instant recognition.

Learn about different white hat SEO techniques. Contrary to popular belief, writing an SEO article is not just about filling content with lots of keywords. Optimizing your articles means using various approved SEO techniques to make them more valuable to search engines. Research these techniques and make sure to use them the next time you plan to write a new article.

Generate 100% unique content. If you think it is possible to copy someone else’s work, think again. Google and other search engines are now using more advanced technology to easily determine if your article has been copied from other online sources. If you don’t want to be hit by complaints and don’t want to get ecommerce in trouble, the best thing you can do is make sure every item you use is 100% unique.

Provide useful in-depth information. If you’re trying to provide an excellent learning experience for online users, search engines will appreciate it. Please spend more energy and time doing research and writing articles. Make sure they have a wealth of information. Your reader should walk away with an “AHA” phrase. If you do this, your articles will become more and more popular on the online stage and you will certainly have no trouble getting better rankings from Google.

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