Types of Tents – Complete Guide Plus Benefits of Each for Camping

Types Of tents
If you are new to camping or want to upgrade your previous tent, you have landed right as we are going to share the types of tents with you in this content. A tent is the basic need of life as it provides shelter when you are on road trips. You can also choose the one that suits your needs and fulfill the demands of your trip. That is with heavy wooden poles and A-frame Canvas tents are now over and you have a variety to choose between.

You don’t need a team helpers with you to set your tent. Even you will not require any 50-page instruction manual to build your tent. Nowadays the tents have been featured with technological facilities and convenience. Making a decision regarding a tent is a quite difficult task to make sure you are picking up the best product. To help you with this concern we have discussed the types of tents so that you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

 Types of Tents 

 Dome tent 

dome tent

Starting a list with a simple tent, as the name depicts the shape of the tent is dome-like. It is the most common design of tent these days. You can set and detach the tent easily with the two poles that cross each other from the center. This tent is lighter in weight and provides you relatively higher center point so that you have more space and uplifted headspace. You have added protection with the rainfly that rests on the top of the poles so that you stay dry in rainy weather.

Another best thing about the tent is that it is relatively lighter in weight so that you can carry it easily to mountains and beaches on your shoulders. The poles cutting at the center of the tent, bend the edges down from the corners to give a dome shape. These tents are mostly preferred by people who are going on long tours with their kids as they like to spend hour inside these types of tents.

 Wedged or A-frame tents 

Wedged or A-frame tents

Another type of tent is the wedged-shaped that are extremely popular these days. These tents are popular for their design that makes capital A-shaped when you are set. However these have become less common in these days but if you are a taller hiker, then I will suggest you choose this tent as it will give you more space inside. The material of the tent is totally canvas that is supported by a steel pole on both sides.

The structure makes a tent more strengthened and reliable for harsh weather. You will love to see that the tent is surprisingly stable in heavy wind storms. In the going era these tents have been replaced with lightweight aluminum poles and waterproof polyester or nylon that makes them reliable for every weather condition. The main drawback of A-framed tent is that you cannot easily pull them without disassembling the tent.
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 Tunnel Tent 

Tunnel Tent

If we talk about the shape of the tent, these are similar to dome-shaped, however they are extended from the middle so that seems to be more tunnel-like. This is a great option for large families and if you are going to tour with your friends as there is a large space and plenty of headroom. This tent is held up with a series of poles and that provides it stability and strengthen for heavy wind.

These tents are best as they give larger room for use and stand up straight with guy lines on the sides. The tunnels provide you study and rigid poles in the form of structure that makes it look like semi-circles as well. Another interesting fact about this tent is that it is easy to put and take it down. Most of the people enjoy to live in a single shelter, so you can take it with you on tours with a group of friends. The biggest drawback of this tent is that it takes a number of attachment points to make it more stable. Also you will feel trouble in the setup and you have to put more struggle to make it stable. For its more stability you must have pitched the tent properly in the ground.

 Instant Tents/ Pop-up tents 

Instant Tents/ Pop-up tents

Pop up tents are new in the world of tents if you compare it with other products. These have gain popularity from the past recent years due to their unbeatable design and reliability. The most attractive thing about this tent is that you can set up it in few seconds with the spring-loaded poles.These are made lightweight with more aided ease to carry it with you on your shoulders while hiking.

These tents are super-convenient and easy to set up in a few minutes. Before choosing this type of tent keep in mind that it is not designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions. In regard to rain and heavy winds, you must not go for this one. The best thing about the tent is that you do not have to face any hurdles of poles while setting the tent. With the small packed size, you can get it to small tours easily.

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 Backpacking Tents 

Backpacking Tents

A backpacking tent is another type of tent, which is mostly designed for 1 to 3 persons on trip. These are ultra-light in weight that can easily withstand the weather-opposition. Moreover, they are extremely durable and easy to carry on long road trips. Additionally, the price of these tents is also reasonable in comparison to the quality and made- material. If we talk about the set up of these tents, generally you need fewer poles to stand the tent.

These tents are truly made for hiking and wild camping. You can take these tents with you for three seasons without any modification. These are available at a number of variable degrees including the size, weight, cost, and liveability. You can choose between a number of options for better accommodation. In terms of stability, these tents provide you unbeatable defiance and defense against the windy weather.

 Inflatable Tent 

Inflatable Tent

Moving next to our list of types of tents, we have inflatable tents. These tents are unique in their design and model. You do not any poles, guy lines and ropes to set up the tent. As the name recommends that these tents are inflatable so you do not have to hold them up with a team of workers. You just need an air pump to make the tent ready for use. The air beams inside will inflate the tent to support the structure.

This is a perfect design to handle the harshness of the weather in critical conditions. Moreover, you can set a huge tent in just 3 minutes with the air pump, so you don’t have to worry about the setup. The manufacturers of this design fluctuate the durability, however it is highly reliable type of tent overall. If we put light on the shortcoming of the design, it is the weight, which is not easy to carry on shoulders. Other one is the necessity of the air pump to set up the tent.

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 Multi-Room Tent 

Multi Room Tent

Another type is the Multiroom tent, which is quite similar to the traditional house. To add more privacy in a shared shelter, it is the best option to choose. This is a great option for more than one couple going on tour collectively. You will have extra rooms, more capacity with increased gear storage. You will have a divider along with the tent so that you can place them to make sure that rooms have been separated. This tent is a perfect option for large families as well.

If you put light on its other features, we find that its set up is not a single person task. Moreover, the depacking of the tent is a difficult task and it is harder to pack again. Regardless of the roomy structure, there are many other facts that make it unfit for use. The most prominent drawbacks include the instability against the heavy winds, challenging set up and the weight. It is not easy to carry this tent for hiking and on tours where you need to set up tent regularly.

 TeePee Tent 

TeePee Tent

TeePee tent gives a flashback of your childhood memories. As the shape of the tent refers to the kid’s tent with a single pole in the mid. The TeePee tent is made from modern materials having greater resistance against the wind.  With the higher ceiling, it is more suitable for tall hikers. The set up of the tent is easy with the external guy lines.

The triangular shelter is best to carry on long tours due to the lightweight. In addition, it provides you more gear storage inside with good accommodation. The drawback is that the stability is inversely proportional to the height of the tent. Also, the tent has a high pitching point and the floor is not always included in the package.
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 Different Types Of Tents 

infographic of types of tents
Types of Tents

 Final Words 

We have discussed here the best types of tents in the market. All the types have their own pros and cons, you can choose one of the types that s suitable for your journey. Moreover, you also have to dig down further to choose the company and the model of the company, so that you can invest in the best product.

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